Our People
If our employees can’t grow, neither can we.

Glitnorians come from all walks of life and span across 17 different countries. We know that by investing in a diverse workforce, we are also investing our company’s continued success.

We operate within a flat company structure and strongly believe in nurturing an inclusive work culture where each Glitnorian can utilise their unique strengths and abilities. With the right environment, we have the space to prosper and fully realise our creative visions.

Only when the mind, body, and spirit are harmoniously aligned can we harness our complete potential. We’ve adopted a holistic approach to health and well-being with yearly allowances that our employees can spend as they see fit.
Gym memberships, massage appointments, or a course in transcendental meditation – we encourage each Glitnorian to find their own unique path to well-being. Glitnorians come from all walks of life and span across.