Glitnor Group names Mel Camilleri-Bland as new Chief Operations Officer

Glitnor,   the   rapidly-expanding   and entrepreneurially-led business group behind leading B2C brands Lucky Casino and Happy Casino, has announced it will soon be strengthening its C-Level team with the appointment of Mel Camilleri-Bland.

Having accumulated over 15 years’ worth of experience in the iGaming industry working   in   a   number   of   high-profile   consultancy,   management   and   customer service roles, Mel will take over the reins as Chief Operations Officer for LCKY Group   –   the   B2C   team   within   Glintor   Group,   following   the   departure   of   the outgoing COO, Cameron Brown. Prior   to   joining   Glitnor   Group,   Mel   held   the   position   of   Group   Director   of Compliance for BVGroup following an almost seven-year stint with the company. During   that   time,   she   also   worked   as   Head   of   B2B   brands,   COO   of   Mayfly Entertainment   Limited,   Managing   Director   of   Monarch   Sensation   and   A2D Entertainment and Director of Operational Excellence for BetVictor. Additionally, Mel has also worked as an independent director and consultant for MMC Consulting Ltd and Director of Customer Operations for William Hill – and while such a multi-faceted and successful track record within the industry will have   undoubtedly   been   a   big   part   of   putting   her   on   Glitnor’s   radar,   another major   aspect   will   have   been   the   impressive   variety   of   countries   and   cultures she’s worked in. Over   the   course   of   her   career   Mel   has   had   roles   in   almost   every   continent imaginable,   with   numerous   positions   in   the   UK,   Germany   and   Gibraltar   being joined by more exotic locales such as South Africa, Middle East and Malaysia. In each location, Mel has shown a keen aptitude for embracing local culture and being able to utilize this knowledge to mentor and develop those around her for the benefit of the business.

With   this   high   level   of   adaptability   as   well   as   Mel’s   strong   leadership   and interpersonal skills certain to come in handy as Glitnor looks to further expand its B2C   operations   in   2024,   the   group   believes   she   has   all   of   the   necessary characteristics to help take the business to the next level in the role of COO – and both Mel and the B2C C-level team are clearly looking forward to her getting started.

Mel Camilleri-Bland, new Chief Operations Officer Glintor Group – B2C, said: “Having spent over a decade-and-a-half in the iGaming industry working in various   management,   consultancy   and   customer   service   roles   across   multiple continents, I’m delighted to now be able to utilise my expertise on the B2C side of Glitnor Group. “As a business, Glitnor has made giant strides forward over the past few years and   I’m   really   looking   forward   to   coming   in   at   such   an   exciting   time   for   the group. The team we have here is already amazing and I sincerely hope that the skills and industry know-how that I’ve accumulated over the past 15 years canadd another dimension to that as we look to take things to a whole new level in 2024 and beyond.”

David Schwieler, Head of Brands and Business at Glitnor Group  said: “While   I’d   like   to   take   the   opportunity   to   thank   our   outgoing   COO,   Cameron Brown, for everything he’s helped Glitnor achieve during his time in the role, in Mel Camilleri-Bland, we think we’ve found the perfect successor to continue his legacy. “Having helped numerous companies around the world transform their customer experience and improve their ROI, Mel arrives at Glitnor Group with a wealth of industry   experience   and   all   the   tools   required   to   take   the   B2C   side   of   our business to the next level. We’re really looking forward to having her on board and can’t wait to see what we can achieve together as we continue to grow in the future.”