International Women's Day Feature: Lucky Group COO Mel Camilleri-Bland Discusses Overcoming Industry Barriers For Women With EGR

What do you think are the biggest barriers for women in the iGaming industry today, and how can these be overcome?


I thoroughly support and encourage all women within and entering the iGaming industry to continue their strong belief that they are making a difference. I am delighted to see that, at entry level, statistics are starting to suggest that the iGaming intake is now broadly balanced between men and women. The attainment barrier, it seems, is coming with career progression, as only around 35% of team leader and supervisory roles are filled by women, and of course there continues to be a significant under-representation of women in C-Level and CEO positions within the industry.

It will be exciting to see these figures become much more balanced as the present entry cohort progress their careers. Empowering women to take on leadership positions mid-career will be a crucial step towards an eventual goal of equality at C-Level. When women face adversity, I believe that this is often the ideal time to change the perspective and transform it into a learning opportunity. If you have a bad experience with a manager, for example, turn this into a belief that you will be a better manager of people yourself in turn.  Indeed, belief is central to your career path, challenging the status quo, bringing new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Critical to success within the sector is the persistence to build and nurture ongoing relationships. Networking and interacting with sponsors, clients, and key personnel inside and outside the business will give a broad reach and firm roots that can embed you in a role and act as a solid foundation as you grow and reach new heights. Always take the opportunity to investigate and familiarize yourself with all aspects of the business, even those parts not directly related to your current role; a wide understanding of the sector is essential to ongoing growth. Stepping outside your comfort zone should become a habit, testing your abilities, and challenging yourself to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Most importantly, loving the job you do is an intrinsic part of success. At Glitnor, not only do we prioritise our People as a key pillar of our success, but our outstanding eNPS scores and responses show that our team members are especially happy in their roles and enjoy the company of their colleagues. The positive energy that comes from enjoying your work, and collaborating with others who feel the same way, is an unbeatable combination as you thrive in your job and your career burgeons within the industry.

At Glitnor Group I am very proud to have joined a team that is committed to equality of opportunity, and that already possesses many women playing key roles in the rapid growth and advancement of the business. As we celebrated International Women’s Day, it was encouraging and inspiring to reflect upon the achievements and ambitions of so many of my female colleagues. There is no question that the iGaming industry still has some way to go to accomplish gender equality within the senior echelons of the workforce, but I am exceptionally confident that we have the environment, culture, and commitments in place to rectify this in the coming years. It is an exceptionally exciting time to be a woman in iGaming and I encourage anyone thinking of joining the sector not to hesitate to do so.